By taking the opportunity of attending the Vienna International Historic Model United Nations participants dive into the challenges of international negotiations and diplomatic procedures. Essentially, this elevates Model UNs from traditional conferences due to the fact that it requires active involvement of each participant. Consequently, participants need to prepare in advance. How well they prepare will determine their success at HISTOMUN. As a matter of fact, each year the best participants are being rewarded with a prestigious certificate - "The Best Delegate’s Award" - as well as a unique gift given by the United Nations Youth and Student Association of Austria.


To ensure effective preparation each participant is encouraged to regularly visit the HISTOMUN homepage for updates and to download important preparation materials.



What is a Delegate?


In order to effectively simulate multilateral diplomacy participants at HISTOMUN are required to represent countries other than their country of origin. By doing so participants at HISTOMUN will officially be called delegates of HISTOMUN. These delegates will role play the positions of  national representatives such as Ambassadors, Ministers, other diplomats or representatives of IGOs and NGOs.



What is a Delegation?


A delegation is a group of HISTOMUN participants consisting of at least five people. Still, each participant is a single representative/delegate of one country in one of the committees. Though, each participant of the delegation might represent the same country in the different committees.


The two main advantages for participating at HISTOMUN as delegation are:


- joint preparation

- financial reduction for all delegates


Please indicate the name of the Head of Delegation for your group on the registration form.



What is a Committee?


The Vienna International Historic Model United Nations - unlike other Model UNs - is simulating only the Security Council meeting of the United Nations. Each of those is considered a committee. Delegates of HISTOMUN will play representatives in one of the simulated committees covering a crisis of the past 60 years of the United Nations. Hence, each delegate needs to prepare not only for effectively playing the role of the diplomat of those days by obeying to certain Rules of Procedure but also needs to prepare for the topic discussed.



What is a Chair/Co-Chair?


Each committee simulated at HISTOMUN is headed by a Chair (= President) and a Co-Chair (= Vice-President) who is responsible for the smooth proceedings of the committee sessions. In particular, Chair and Co-Chair of a committee develop the topics discussed, draw up preparation papers, communicate with delegates of their committees and rule debates during committee sessions.


All Chairpersons for HISTOMUN are chosen for their extraordinary qualifications and experiences: either they are former MUN participants or are active in high positions in youth organizations.



Additional Requirements - Making the World of Diplomacy and the United Nations a Reality at HISTOMUN


The world of diplomatic negotiations applies well adapted rules which have developed over the years. For making HISTOMUN come even closer to reality participants/delegates are obliged to stick to additional requirements at HISTOMUN.


Dress Code

A formal dress code will be strictly enforced during the conference. Business apparel is required during all sessions and the Welcome Dinner meaning suits for men and business dress for women. Casual wear is suitable for all other events.



All delegates must show courtesy and respect to the Secretary General, Chairpersons, Committee Staff, advisors and fellow delegates.


Rules of Procedure

At international  conferences diplomats obey to certain rules of procedure for ensuring smooth negotiation proceedings. This is not different at HISTOMUN. At HISTOMUN as well participants have to apply certain Rules of Procedure at committee sessions. It is essential to apply them for making committee sessions work out well. Therefore, it is obligatory for every participant/delegate to study the Rules of Procedure prior to the start of the conference. As a result delegates will find it easier to negotiate their country’s position within the committee. Rules of Procedure can be found on the homepage of HISTOMUN for preparation prior to the conference.


Technical Equipment

Delegates should bear in mind that they simulate national diplomats or high level representatives. Therefore, the usage of notbooks or other large technical equipment does not really fit into this role play. HISTOMUN furthermore wants to keep an authentical historic atmosphere without "an exhibition" of modern technology.



All preparation materials and the Rules of Procedure are available on the homepage (button "ISSUES").  Each participant has to prepare individually for the country he/she is representing (libraries, internet, embassies, media) and hand in a one page Position Paper to the Chairperson prior to the conference, since the Preparation-Paper is only a general outline!