Passport and Visa


Participants are advised to make their own arrangements with respect to entering Austria.

Under certain circumstances participants wishing to enter Austria for a brief period of time are in need of a visa. The rules are varying depending on the participant’s country of origin. Information regarding Austrian immigration policies can be obtained at the Austrian Embassy or an other Embassy of a Member State of the European Union.



How to apply for a Visa?


Each participant in need of a visa and deciding to attend HISTOMUN has to register for HISTOMUN not later than 31 August 2010. Otherwise the UNYSA-AUSTRIA-AFA is unable to provide any support for visa application processes.


Participants have to send a scanned copy of passport to


The UNYSA-AUSTRIA-AFA will then inform the corresponding Austrian Embassy and send a formal letter of invitation to the participant. With this letter of invitation, the passport and a photo the participant can apply for the visa in person at the Austrian or a country of the corresponding European Union diplomatic representative mission (embassies or consulates). There the participant has to complete a standard "Schengen" visa application form.


Please check the HISTOMUN website regularly for updates on Visa application procedures.


The UNYSA-AUSTRIA-AFA deeply regrets that it has no possibility to support all participants regarding their visa applications. 





Each participant has to take care of his/her travel arrangements individually. The UNYSA-AUSTRIA-AFA is not able to provide financial or technical support.


Unfortunately, it is not possible for the UNYSA-AUSTRIA-AFA to pick up the participants at the airport. 


Please, take a taxi, use public transport or a car. The price for a taxi from the airport to Webster University Vienna is about 40.- EUR.


Webster University Vienna is located at "Berchtoldgasse" No. 1, on the corner of "Berchtoldgasse" and "Am Kaisermühlendamm" in the 22nd district of Vienna. 


From the city center:

Take the U1 subway line (marked in red) in the direction of "Leopoldau". Get off at the station called "Kaisermühlen - Vienna International Center". Exit the subway car to the right, and take the exit marked "Schüttaustrasse". Walk down the stairs, exit the subway station, and cross the street towards the Austria Center. Immediately to the right of the zebra stripes/cross-walk, you will find the bus stop. You can catch any bus starting with the number "9" (90A, 92A, 91A). Take the bus until the stop "Harrachgasse" (push the button to disembark once the bus makes a sharp right turn past the church on "Schüttaustrasse"). Exit the bus to your right, then cross the street. Walk up "Kaisermühlendamm" one block until you reach Berchtoldgasse, which is on your right. The university is on the left side of the Berchtoldgasse. The walk takes only a couple of minutes.




Each participant is responsible for his/her accommodation. 





The Conference Fee includes meals and beverages at the Welcome Dinner. All other meals have to be covered by the participants. For lunch the UNYSA-AUSTRIA-AFA has arranged for participants the allowance to eat at the canteen of the Webster University Vienna. The canteen offers international cuisine at reasonable prices.