Trygve Lie

First Secretary General of the United Nations


"I shall take all the troubles of the past, all the disappointments, all the headaches, and I shall pack them in a bag and throw them in the East River."



Theodor Körner

Federal President of the Republic of Austria (1951 - 1957)


"Our special efforts will be to work on the reduction of mistrust, which has become the greatest and most dangerous enemy of mankind." (on the occ. of the new year's speech 1955/56 after Austria's admission as UN member state)



Leopold Figl

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Austria (1953 - 1959)


"We should use our membership at the United Nations to contribute for peace and prosperty in the world." (on the occ. of the new year's speech 1955/56 after Austria's admission as UN member state)



Gregor Waldhauser

Secretary General of the Vienna International Historic Model United Nations 2010


Honorable Delegates and Future Participants, 


We all had moments in the past where we asked ourselves, what could have gone better, what would have been different, if I had chosen the other door. This "What if…?” question is very present amongst people, who are interested in history. Just imagine, how things could have developed, if certain politicians, kings, scientists and so on had made different decisions. Could a simple cold or personal problem could have changed the course of history for ever.


We take on this challenge, and try to put ourselves in the position of the days, when the Security Council had to react on various crises.


Your knowledge of history and politics combined with the ability to negotiate in a diplomatic environment builds the essence of this very special international MUN that takes place in Vienna?


The Organizing Team of the HISTOMUN expresses its deepest hope that many students and young graduates from all around the world will take the possibility to participate at the Vienna International Historic Model United Nations.


To prepare for the future we have to understand the past!


Looking forward to welcome you at the HISTOMUN 2010 in Vienna!