What is a Model United Nations (MUN)?


A Model United Nations (MUN) is a conference that authentically simulates negotiations of specific committees and organs of the United Nations. Additionally, the purpose of a Model United Nations is to raise awareness about imminent global issues and to provide a platform to foster lively debates among participants.


Therefore, a MUN is not only an event where one can meet with lots of different young people but it is also a serious role play. There, the participants find themselves in the position of a delegate of a foreign country and have to negotiate and discuss for saving the national interests of his/her country.


Such a simulation conference takes lots of effort in preparing - not only by the organizers but also by the participants. It is the responsibility of the participant to represent the national interests of a foreign country on the level of international negotiations as taking place at the UN.


The sessions of the committees will be conducted by Chairs and Co-Chairs. All delegates have to obey certain Rules of Procedure, which are a simplified version of those used in the real UN conferences.


There are many MUNs held all over the world.



What is the Vienna International Historic Model United Nations (HISTOMUN)?


The Vienna International Historic Model United Nations (HISTOMUN) is a special kind of MUN hosted by the United Nations Youth and Student Association of Austria - Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs (UNYSA-AUSTRIA-AFA) whose main conference is the VIMUN, the traditional MUN.


The idea of the HISTOMUN is:


Historic Security Councils. Only Security Councils, no other committees, in the same configuration as they were in those days, simulating the very same circumstances as they were in the past.


This poses a very big challenge for the Chairs, Co-chairs and the delegates. Why? Well, firstly, the preparation. Every Chair (= President) of a committee is responsible for preparing him/herself and his/her delegates in a way, that makes serious negotiations possible, because, and that is the challenge for the delegates, every delegate HAS TO act in a way, that is realistic for his/her country in those days!!


HISTOMUN is open to students and young graduates from the age of 18 on and from all nations worldwide.


Participants give their best in the debates during the day, the social program in the evenings will give lots of opportunities to make new friends, explore Vienna or to simply have fun.


If participants want to explore more of the beautiful City of Vienna they by themselves can add one or two days of stay in Vienna ...



The "History" of HISTOMUN


The idea of HISTOMUN is based on an initiative by UNYSA-AUSTRIA-AFA Vice-President Gregor Waldhauser and was organized in the years 2007 and 2008 in co-operation with the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.


For HISTOMUN 2010 the organizer established a new partnership with Webster University Vienna as co-organizer of the conference.


Review HISTOMUN 2008  Review HISTOMUN 2007



The Organizer


The United Nations Youth and Student Association of Austria - Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs (UNYSA-AUSTRIA-AFA) is a Non-Governmental Organization in Vienna and administered by a corporate Board of Members.


The HISTOMUN Secretariat is the chief organizing body of the conference and is headed by the Secretary General. As a result the Secretariat is responsible for administrative work, academic content, conference registration, delegate services and all other aspects of the HISTOMUN conference. All communication with delegates before and during the conference will be handled by the Secretariat. All comments, questions and concerns regarding the HISTOMUN are welcomed.